Friday, December 30, 2011

a big FN sammich.

I despise not having full access to a scanner. I have been drawing a LOT!
So as not to fall off the face of the blogearth, here is a comic that I drew today (at work before there were customers in the store...) because my brain was buzzing about a comment from some silly stuff on FB.

When I'm back at school, maybe I will put it on real paper (not receipt paper) and ink it, etc. I can't wait to be able to get back to my work. I've thankfully been able to save a lot this quarter (per the plan, which is why I have been working so much) so it will be less of a worry and I can really focus.
Thanks for sticking with me these slacky last six weeks. I'll be back in business before you know it!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

SCHOOL WORK!! (etc) Part III: nearing the end

My three page assignment for digital coloring and lettering was to color pages from the comic Mask War (art by Doug Mahnke? I think? :x It's not by me. I know that.)

I ended up redoing these, so what you're seeing is the FINAL product- which I am a lot happier with. Im glad I made changes!
I really really wanted to be able to show my three page original comic- HOWEVER, I still can't figure out how to post a PDF on this blog. And if I can't, how to extract the files from PDF to just have them on their own.
So, instead, Ive been drawing a lot over the break and I'll show you a few doodles <3

sorry it's crappy photo quality. I will do a giant sketchbook post when I have access to a scanner again! That'll be at school. IN LIKE, 2 WEEKS! SWEET!!! <3
Thanks for stopping in :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SD to the rescue!

We interrupt the posting of school work for something I promised the people who watched LGBTV. A look at some oooold comics that I did, one from high school, and the other from my freshman year of college. Even looking back at this stuff, I feel good about how I have progressed. HOWEVER...I still have to show this stuff.
 First, the ORIGINAL super dyke (from high school, 2005ish) first titled "say what?" based on something I overheard in pottery class, and let my mind take it from there.

Years later, circa 2009/2009, we were given the assignment in my intro to seqa class to draw a comic about the day in the life of us as a superhero.
TADAAAAAAAA!!! Maybe for funsies Ill RE re draw it. Hm.
This concludes the intermission. See you next time!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

That was close: SCHOOL WORK! pt. 1

Thank goodness all of my school work ISN'T deleted- but that the browser I was using wouldn't access it!
MOVING RIGHT ALONG- I will start with the earliest work that I did in the quarter, and my last school work post will be my most recent!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

of CCS and having Cpt. Stiletto as a sidekick!

My last post was TWO WEEKS AGO??? Slackerific! :( Augh, not a fan.
 The good news is, I am back at my oooooolllld (notsomuch) roots! <3 Only days after my arrival back home, I trudged up to The lovely CCS!
pics or it didn't happen? HERE I AM!

AND it is my goal today to get all of my school work onto a flashdrive and ready to upload on to this blog. I haven't done any real creative work since finals has been over (a side effect) but here are some doodles to try and make up for it!
FIRST, my favorite. Sometimes I like to pretend that Eddie Izzard is my sidekick in an awesome superhero team. So I drew it.

Mr.FancyLad and Capt. Stiletto! Pen and ink
 Such is my reality <3
Also, I did these pages of doodles.

Gonna make a school work post happen this week and waaaaay more updates than I have been doing!!!
Thanks for stopping in <3 <3 <3

Thursday, November 10, 2011

down with all of the sicknesses

So. I have been endlessly ill. You might even say I am...
And then we had a surprise! visitor at our house, and we all were coughing- A LOT, if not actually sick with something. So I made this sign for our door:
With the original idea just being that we could call our place the "coughee house"... but I think this works just as well if not better. :)
AND, I had promised my roommate that I would draw her a picture of her and snoop dogg walking down the street together, because of the conversation we had about if I was Snoop Dogg, then he would be her roommate and no one would believe her XD
AND! then I though I had an ear infection. And couldn't sleep because my ear had stopped hurting and started ringing. And then the next day I got hives. Which is where all of these doodles came from:
Despite all of my sicknesses, I have been continuing the art (as you can see) and will continue to do so. School will let out for break in A WEEK. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
Ima go get work done now.
THANK YOU for stopping by!! <3

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

concept and doodleduty

I decided I am going to post my best/favorite school work at the very end of the quarter, so I have the full range of things to pick and choose from. In the meantime, here are some sketch book pages. This one is a random concept I came up with that I like:
"wait" -- pen
and these two are a collection of sketches over a week or so. Just keeping up the drawing habit, etc.
Thanks for stopping by!
<3 Til next time

Thursday, October 27, 2011

sketchbook madness

Hi, hello!
School has calmed down a LITTLE bit- but I am using my free time to get homework done ahead of time. And when I'm not doing that I'm sleeping(!?!?!) or doodling in my sketchbook. I've been trying to play around with style a bit- see what comes most naturally and comfortably to me, cause I can always recognize when I have drawn something, but there are so many different ways to draw that really interest me, so sometimes I try and adapt a little bit.
"apathy" pen and ink
 sometimes when trying to draw from life, I notice certain looks about this guy in my noir lit class. So I drew him. (No, I'm not creepy at all...!)
"across the room" pen
I PROMISE I will put more school work up soon, but there's some stuff I want to revise first, so I can make it the best it can be. I also dedicated a sketch page mostly to WORKING ON LIGHTING. Cause I need to. Also I drew someone's dad cause I liked his vibe.
sketch page- form, volume, lighting
That's all for now, thank you for stopping by! <3 <3
Til next time~

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Bad news: "Another Saturday night cause I ain't got nobody"
(which I suppose is just as well because I really don't have any money...)
Better news: I was really productive! YES!

I spent most of my day resting up from midterms, but that included editing and posting THIS VIDEO, making this (and sticking it on my bedroom door):

I took break for a little while, but wouldn't you know it- I did some work after! :D I'm really excited about the 3 page comic I'm doing for Nolan's class. Looking forward to getting more done on it tomorrow. When it's done, I'll post it up here. But it's not due for another month. I might make a cover too... so far, I've just got these panels:
Yay! And if they look messy, it's because they're supposed to. I need to make them a bit more exaggerated but first I wanted to make sure they all fit in the space, so I'll just go over it in brush pen again. I was also considering putting some ink splatter on there to give it a more imperfect, homemade look, but didn't know how to make it look unintentional. And then, some inky water spilled a bit and got on my new panels. Well, they're unintentional alright! ;) perfect timing, ink gods. Thank you.
I can definitely work with them. Hopefully the mild mess will come across as more personal. We'll see how it goes! But, worse comes to worse, I redraw them. 
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I don't have access to a scanner at the moment, and then after the first picture my camera died. So I was left with the webcam. I just just really pumped up about the work I did, so I wanted to share asap! 
the satisfied artist
Til next time :) Thanks for stopping in! <3


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hisssss! (and midterms and sickness)

Midterms are still happening, and I am also getting re-sick after having had recovered. :/
Next post, I think I will put up a few of the projects I have done for school- just to show something other than sketchbook work.
For now though, Have a comic based off of this conversation:
 the comic:
 it provided many lolz for the people involved.
In case you don't find that lolzy, here's another art.
"E" -- inked
 Thank you for stopping by <3
Til next time!

Monday, October 10, 2011


It's midterms. I'm sick.
Have some art.
"Face off" pen and ink
"lady sketches" pen and ink
 Thanks for stopping by~ *sniffle, cough*

Thursday, October 6, 2011

GENERATE! and my birthday

Hello there! Sept. 30th was GENERATE! at SCAD- a 24 hour art extravaganza- inspired by the 24 hour comics fest. I was there for a good 12 hours of it, and it was a great experience! Looking forward to next year already- hopefully I can do the whole thing next time!
I tried out one of the challenges- redesign the new DC 52. I tried my hand at these lovelies:
Indie Superhero ladies! Done in watercolor
Someone said they looked like if the stories took place in Portland, OR rather than Metropolis XD I liked it. Gives me good ideas.
ALSO, I was featured with my friend Megan on the Temple of Cartoon Mojo BLOG ! Check it out.
While I was there, I redid my "bitch" comic as well:
Colored with prisma color markers
YAY! Finally. Quite a different from: THE ORIGINAL

AAAAAND- today is my birthday! Yay! At school getting work done- but looking forward to tonight :D Another year older...I should make a comic about it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Comics before all

My roommate and I as Scott and Wallace. Ink
Busy busy busy! AND- looking forward to 24 hour comics tomorrow! Or, "generate", as the school has been calling it. There will be different challenges during that 24 hours, so we'll see what I come up with!
Also trying to figure out good ways to network...conventions are a given but I may make some business card or little flyers and put them up everywhere to get myself out there.
Thanks for stopping in! <3
"B", Pen and ink

Monday, September 26, 2011


pen and ink

Yeah, I've been doing my best to follow this bamf-of-a-lady's example and kickass while chewing bubble gum...and I've been doing a pretty good job! I go into school early just about every day, I go in every weekend day (to get work done)... school is kicking my butt, but I'm kicking it right back!
Except for when I lost a project. TWICE. For digital coloring. I had a good cry that time, but I dusted off and got back to it. (to which my mom said: I have fits and absolute KITTENS whenever I lose a project, so to lose one twice??? I don't know how you're not out in the street doing a naked crazy dance! ) I almost did...but somehow kept my shtuff together. 

Even so, I have been enjoying working hard. Despite having come a long way artistically from when I first started my artistic voyage, I know I still have a ways to go. And I have been pin pointing the things I need to work on: showing form/volume, anatomy, FOLDS, backgrounds,etc.
I look forward to the day when I can, as the great Jon Chad said: 
emerge from your comics-cocoon with a fire-nib, or something, and wreck that place!

It shall be a great day indeed. Until then, all i can do is keep doing my best!
Thanks for stopping in <3

practicing expression. Also a walrus.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Less talky, more arty!

I feel like I post a little too much text here. Let's fix that, shall we?
"without a puzzle" pen & ink

"Free to be!" ink and watercolor pencil

A period comic. A great way to finish things off. Based on real life events.
School has been keeping me busy! 8D Should have enough work to be able to start showing that soon.
Thanks for stopping in! <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cosmic flow of genius or something

trumpet doodle- ink
SO! Here I be in Atlanta- what a great place so far. Full of art and friendly people :D My two classes so far, Hardboiled: The noir literary tradition, and Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation were awesome! Very excited to learning a lot and improve both with writing and drawing!

Tonight is my first digital coloring class. Looking forward to it! Though at the same time, I have my own thoughts about it what with my big preference for all things traditional media. There really is nothing like the way a nib glides across a page, or having ink covered hands, or getting out your rainboots to go a'splashin' in your watercolor puddles. *sigh* :) But! Digital media will be a new adventure- and I recognize the need for being versatile.
So overall, so far so good! Settling in well here.

"consuming"- ink & watercolor pencil 2011
This is a piece done some months ago- my first shot at playing around with watercolor pencils (which I LOVE!) Definitely an emotionally charged piece, but for me art is all about evoking emotion after letting it out.  This was very cathartic to work on- hopefully the point comes across well enough.

As soon as I get my hands on a scanner (almost had one today! But the slippery little bugger got away...!) I will be able to get some new stuff uploaded onto my computer, and I also plan on sharing some class projects when I get some done.
In an email my mom sent me, she asked that I call her so that she doesnt "interrupt a cosmic flow of genius or something" XD So I'm gonna go see if I can find one of those before class!
Thanks for stopping in! <3

Thursday, September 8, 2011

of flying pizza and caves and being n00by mcn00berson

What a crazy past few days! Been lots of different places and seen lots of different people, and now I'm packing my life up so I can move to Atlanta on SATURDAY MORNING.
But first, some wrap up thoughts on The Center for Cartoon Studies
I have only been away for less than a week and I miss it there so much. Particularly the people. It's not everywhere that you can find people who will inspire you to draw this for them:
I drew this for Jon before leaving... I wanted to draw something for everyone I got close to... AND I STILL MAY DO SO. Or I'm gonna try.
I miss all the comics talk and the make'emups and the general support and love and creative atmosphere and the drink&draws and EVERYTHING. Gosh. Very looking forward to going back and visiting! <3

So, after leaving and crying about it on Saturday, my traveling companion and I made our way to MA to see my best friend, and spent a few days with her. After that, we came back to NH to spend a few days here- and we went to the POLAR CAVES- which was awesome :D And beautiful.
AND NOW.... I am back home til Saturday morning- which is when I move O_O to a place I have never lived in before. WOO! Exciting and scary, all rolled into one. Even though I have already attended college for two years, I feel like mr. freshman N00by McN00berson. Yikes. Hoping for an easy transition.
Despite being overwhelmed by packing, I tried to do some art today- and began thumb nailing a comic that was inspired by ultrasadgoodbyetime. PROOF!
very rough beginnings. Note the bloodshot/tired eyes
Sorry for the lack of regular update, that WILL be back to normal when I am settled in. 
Also there will be less life updateyness and MORE ART! :D yay!
Thanks for stopping in- here's a piece to tide you over til next time <3
'escape' watercolor pencil & ink w. nib

Saturday, September 3, 2011

In my heart

Today is my last day here. It's surreal. And I have so much to say. So many people I'm going to miss.
This really has just been a life changing experience. If nothing else, I know there's a beautiful little community stowed away in the mountains full of like-minded people to me. I can't think of the words to express how much just knowing that means to me. I have learned so much just from observing and listening and experiencing- and it restores some faith in the world when you know this kind of community can exist- and do it well.
I have never met such kind hearted, creative people all in one place. I'm probably getting rambly about it- but it's so hard to keep my thoughts together when this place and it's people fill me with such good thoughts.
Maybe I'll be better suited to talk about it later- but I'm going to miss CCS so much. You'll all always be in my heart- carrying me onward. I love you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more than the usual craziness

So much craziness has been happening~ I am overdue for a blog post!

As lots of people know, I have been interning at The Center for Cartoon Studies. It has been a magical experience and this is sadly my last week here :( I leave Saturday at noon.
This sunday, a lot of people experienced the hurricane that made it's way up the east coast- this included where I'm at. No one foresaw the flooding of the building where our beloved Schulz library is- but thanks to a lot of great people the library and it's contents are still in tact. There's a great story with lots of photos on it here.
Needless to say, the last bit of my internship is assisting with the library- I'm so glad I can help in some way!
CCS means a lot to me. I'm really going to miss it here. But more on that a FUUUUTTTTUUUURRREEEE BLOOOOOGGGGGGG POOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTT.
Another blog post soon to come- thanks for stopping in <3 !

Friday, August 26, 2011

A healthy dose of cynicism...?

To greet you on this hot and sunny Friday, I introduce: Cynical Cyndi.
Cyndi is 50someodd years old (she won't disclose her real age) and is a chainsmoking, coffee addicted  screenwriter who has been going at it since she was high schooler. 
And has continuously failed. 
This tough broad has been native to Boston her whole life (hence the accent) and refuses to leave- determined to make it big in her hometown.
She's seen it all, and comes from the school of hard knox- which is maybe where she acquired her pessimistic attitude on life, or maybe it comes from a lifetime of feeling never good enough. 
But, she's a scrappy lady and hasn't given up on her dream just yet. She may finally be making a breakthrough (a story that has been heard by many a barista) and her willing-to-talk-to-anyone-who-will-listen-and-not-run-away-after-hours-of-being-yammered-at attitude has made her at least infamous around different parts of the city, which is better than not being known at all...right?

Decided I needed to work on some character development- and then I met Cyndi.
I like her. She's saucy. And who doesn't like a saucy broad?
May try to do more with her in the future. We shall seeeeeeeeeeeee.

Happy Friday! Thanks as always for stopping by- have a great weekend!