Monday, December 12, 2011

SCHOOL WORK! Part II: Life in the dreamscape


woo! Time for more of my stuff- and this time its stuff I'm happier with!
Character design! Assignment! Write an original script, turn it in to 80 story boards, and then do the turn arounds, faces and actions for two of your ocs. I'm going to figure out the most effective way to post my storyboards- but first I'll give you a short summary of the story that these characters are from. AFTER you see said characters!

Micah is the shorter blonde character, and Louis Cid is the taller, crazier looking character.
Society has learned a way to lucid dream in a connected way, and they have created another world in the dreamscape. Being that earth is so run down, and that reality it no fun, a law has passed that the people of earth will be moved to this new world for good. Over the course of several years, people have been migrating- and now the last of the batch is ready to move, and by "the last of the batch" they mean "the rest of the people who passed the test". In order to pass said test, you have to prove your skills in lucid dreaming, and being a decent person. If this test isn't passed- your sentence is to stay on earth and be a care taker for the physical bodies of those who are continuing life in the dreamscape.
Meet Micah. A quiet, loner type, and self proclaimed realist. Having always gotten outstanding grades in school, it came as a surprise to most when his ability to lucid dream was practically non existant. Some attributed it to how much he saw no point in creating a new reality- why would one be able to lucid dream if they didn't completely believe in it? Others, like his mother, insisted all he needed was more practice because there was no way she was letting her son remain in a world there was no hope for.
Louis Cid is the man who "wrote the book" on lucid dreaming, and plays a large part in the test giving in the dreamscape. He is quite eccentric, but inarguably wise, and has a constantly changing appearance. The only thing that remains the same always is his monacle. And no one knows what's behind it.
In my storyboards, I leave off when Micah is about to take his test as to whether or not he will make it into the dream society. I'd like to do more with this- but for now, I have to go to work, and I will leave you with photos of my maquette that I did for the very same character design class.
Next time: THE MASK pages, and my original 3 page comic!!! I'M SO EXCITED!




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