Wednesday, December 7, 2011

That was close: SCHOOL WORK! pt. 1

Thank goodness all of my school work ISN'T deleted- but that the browser I was using wouldn't access it!
MOVING RIGHT ALONG- I will start with the earliest work that I did in the quarter, and my last school work post will be my most recent!
The first assignment I had at SCADlanta was a character design assignment where we had to design the Goonies characters, the emphasis was on using shape to portray what kind of character they are, and use color to assist in showing their personality.
I redid this assignment, and my second attempt at is here:
Steph, Mikey, and Mouth
In digital coloring, we colored one page from FEAR AGENT (written by  Rick Remender with art by Tony Moore and Jerome Opena) and my focus on local color is quite apparent- I was not yet thinking about using temperature or value much at all to enhance the way the color would enhance the page.
NOT drawn by me, only colored.
aaaand lastly but not leastly, I will share some of the character designs I did for an assignment where we had to design characters based on professions we pulled out of a hat (mine were a gambler and a bouncer) and we had to design them for a franchise that already existed. I picked INVADER ZIM! <3 

The Bouncer. Action Poses. Needs lots of work.

Facial expressions! Much happier with these but not perfect for invader zim

The turn around

THE GAMBLER! Action poses. Again, lots of work needed.

Faces. THESE were my favorite. Could use some tweaking but I seemed to get it here.

Turn aaaaarrrooooound

Side by side!
So! There's the start of my work, more to come later! Thanks for stopping by and sticking with me!! <3


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Good luck with CSS!!!! (I'm a fan of yours: phantomlimb88 from youtube :)

Morgan said...

im loving thiss :D good luck, i love u audrey
im a fan too,

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