Thursday, October 6, 2011

GENERATE! and my birthday

Hello there! Sept. 30th was GENERATE! at SCAD- a 24 hour art extravaganza- inspired by the 24 hour comics fest. I was there for a good 12 hours of it, and it was a great experience! Looking forward to next year already- hopefully I can do the whole thing next time!
I tried out one of the challenges- redesign the new DC 52. I tried my hand at these lovelies:
Indie Superhero ladies! Done in watercolor
Someone said they looked like if the stories took place in Portland, OR rather than Metropolis XD I liked it. Gives me good ideas.
ALSO, I was featured with my friend Megan on the Temple of Cartoon Mojo BLOG ! Check it out.
While I was there, I redid my "bitch" comic as well:
Colored with prisma color markers
YAY! Finally. Quite a different from: THE ORIGINAL

AAAAAND- today is my birthday! Yay! At school getting work done- but looking forward to tonight :D Another year older...I should make a comic about it.
Thanks for stopping by!

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