Wednesday, August 31, 2011

more than the usual craziness

So much craziness has been happening~ I am overdue for a blog post!

As lots of people know, I have been interning at The Center for Cartoon Studies. It has been a magical experience and this is sadly my last week here :( I leave Saturday at noon.
This sunday, a lot of people experienced the hurricane that made it's way up the east coast- this included where I'm at. No one foresaw the flooding of the building where our beloved Schulz library is- but thanks to a lot of great people the library and it's contents are still in tact. There's a great story with lots of photos on it here.
Needless to say, the last bit of my internship is assisting with the library- I'm so glad I can help in some way!
CCS means a lot to me. I'm really going to miss it here. But more on that a FUUUUTTTTUUUURRREEEE BLOOOOOGGGGGGG POOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTT.
Another blog post soon to come- thanks for stopping in <3 !

Friday, August 26, 2011

A healthy dose of cynicism...?

To greet you on this hot and sunny Friday, I introduce: Cynical Cyndi.
Cyndi is 50someodd years old (she won't disclose her real age) and is a chainsmoking, coffee addicted  screenwriter who has been going at it since she was high schooler. 
And has continuously failed. 
This tough broad has been native to Boston her whole life (hence the accent) and refuses to leave- determined to make it big in her hometown.
She's seen it all, and comes from the school of hard knox- which is maybe where she acquired her pessimistic attitude on life, or maybe it comes from a lifetime of feeling never good enough. 
But, she's a scrappy lady and hasn't given up on her dream just yet. She may finally be making a breakthrough (a story that has been heard by many a barista) and her willing-to-talk-to-anyone-who-will-listen-and-not-run-away-after-hours-of-being-yammered-at attitude has made her at least infamous around different parts of the city, which is better than not being known at all...right?

Decided I needed to work on some character development- and then I met Cyndi.
I like her. She's saucy. And who doesn't like a saucy broad?
May try to do more with her in the future. We shall seeeeeeeeeeeee.

Happy Friday! Thanks as always for stopping by- have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

haircuts and joy

It may be short, but I drew and colored this baby in an evening!
And then on Saturday I finally got a haircut. THANK GOODNESS. It really does drive me crazy when it gets to be too long.
I don't know if it's because I'm so thoroughly consumed by nerd culture, but I feel like a lot of people will get the Harry Potter reference. Maybe.
Also I need to work on hands- so I have been practicing them in my sketchbook.
The helping hand in this picture may be the hand of god...or a goddess....or Hagrid...?

I'm having a harder time than I'd like getting started on my long term project. It may have something to do with how big it really is, but I was able to get a few potential panels down the other night. Hopefully this continues!

Trying to figure out also a solid schedule for this blog, as to when I will be posting. Maybe Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays? We shall see.

In the next few minutes I'll be off to pick someone up from the airport! Very excited 8D
Until next time!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hey! It's Friday! Thank goodness! Have a comic.

Based on true life events.
Happy Friday! I'm ready for the weekend- gonna get some (more) work done!
Thanks for stopping by <3

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life in color and productivity

Ooooo~ it's in color~~
Welcome back!
This piece was started back in the winter when I was taking some classes and we had to do a still life- and the mannequin featured here really stood out to me and gave me the idea for this. Just recently I finished drawing it and inking and coloring it. With watercolor pencil and marker. I'm still finding my way around coloring, but practice makes perfect so I'ma keep trying it out!

It's been a very mixed week. Work has been going well, it's everything else that seems to be causing any real anxiety. Some of this anxiety was relieved today when I asked Jon about how he does his thumbnailing- cause I know it needs to be done, I've just never gotten a method figured out.  It makes a lot of sense, now. So I can finally start thumbnailing THE BIG LONG TERM PROJECT (ooooOOOOOooooo) I think I will start that tomorrow if I have time in between going to the doctor and seeing my family for a little bit!

Today I started a short comic that I plan on finishing before the night is over! AND I even made and edited my LGBTv video today O_O Yay productivity! I'm diggin' it.
Time to go finish that comic :)
Thanks for reading! Here's a sketchbook piece:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This feels like the first page in a new sketchbook

Well hello! Welcome to my brand new blog! I'm Audrey,  Thanks for stopping in :)

Artists may understand best what I mean when I refer to this feeling like the FIRST page in a NEW sketchbook. The excitement to start another chapter in your work, the anxiety that the first drawing will set the tone for the rest of the sketchbook, wondering about what kind of things you will create in an unexplored land expansive, plentiful paper hillsides, and unexpected storms of pencil and ink and sometimes even watercolor. In this place, it snows eraser shavings. you can see I take this matter very seriously and sometimes it leads to me leaving the first page blank forever.

But no more!
I'm diving in, head first. Let's do this.

Right now I do most of my work in my sketchbook, so I will be posting primarily from there. However! I am starting a more long term project, and I have just started planning and the thumbnailing is about to begin- so I may post progress on that as well, particularly when I've really gotten into it and have some pages to show. WOO!
Gonna start things off with a comic- because I love comics. SO MUCH. I even have tshirts about how much I love them (oh the dedication) AND, I'm a comic artist, dang it!
Based on a true story. Definitely a monologue comic, but when the idea to make this a comic came to me, I had to get it out RIGHT AWAY. And thus, this was born. I'd like to redraw it on nice paper and ink and color it. Maybe that will be my next project.
Aaaaand because its the first post, I will leave you with another art.
Thanks for reading, I plan on posting again tomorrow! :D
Peace and Love~
(I have dreams of looking just like this XD)