Friday, August 26, 2011

A healthy dose of cynicism...?

To greet you on this hot and sunny Friday, I introduce: Cynical Cyndi.
Cyndi is 50someodd years old (she won't disclose her real age) and is a chainsmoking, coffee addicted  screenwriter who has been going at it since she was high schooler. 
And has continuously failed. 
This tough broad has been native to Boston her whole life (hence the accent) and refuses to leave- determined to make it big in her hometown.
She's seen it all, and comes from the school of hard knox- which is maybe where she acquired her pessimistic attitude on life, or maybe it comes from a lifetime of feeling never good enough. 
But, she's a scrappy lady and hasn't given up on her dream just yet. She may finally be making a breakthrough (a story that has been heard by many a barista) and her willing-to-talk-to-anyone-who-will-listen-and-not-run-away-after-hours-of-being-yammered-at attitude has made her at least infamous around different parts of the city, which is better than not being known at all...right?

Decided I needed to work on some character development- and then I met Cyndi.
I like her. She's saucy. And who doesn't like a saucy broad?
May try to do more with her in the future. We shall seeeeeeeeeeeee.

Happy Friday! Thanks as always for stopping by- have a great weekend!

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