Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cosmic flow of genius or something

trumpet doodle- ink
SO! Here I be in Atlanta- what a great place so far. Full of art and friendly people :D My two classes so far, Hardboiled: The noir literary tradition, and Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation were awesome! Very excited to learning a lot and improve both with writing and drawing!

Tonight is my first digital coloring class. Looking forward to it! Though at the same time, I have my own thoughts about it what with my big preference for all things traditional media. There really is nothing like the way a nib glides across a page, or having ink covered hands, or getting out your rainboots to go a'splashin' in your watercolor puddles. *sigh* :) But! Digital media will be a new adventure- and I recognize the need for being versatile.
So overall, so far so good! Settling in well here.

"consuming"- ink & watercolor pencil 2011
This is a piece done some months ago- my first shot at playing around with watercolor pencils (which I LOVE!) Definitely an emotionally charged piece, but for me art is all about evoking emotion after letting it out.  This was very cathartic to work on- hopefully the point comes across well enough.

As soon as I get my hands on a scanner (almost had one today! But the slippery little bugger got away...!) I will be able to get some new stuff uploaded onto my computer, and I also plan on sharing some class projects when I get some done.
In an email my mom sent me, she asked that I call her so that she doesnt "interrupt a cosmic flow of genius or something" XD So I'm gonna go see if I can find one of those before class!
Thanks for stopping in! <3

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