Thursday, September 8, 2011

of flying pizza and caves and being n00by mcn00berson

What a crazy past few days! Been lots of different places and seen lots of different people, and now I'm packing my life up so I can move to Atlanta on SATURDAY MORNING.
But first, some wrap up thoughts on The Center for Cartoon Studies
I have only been away for less than a week and I miss it there so much. Particularly the people. It's not everywhere that you can find people who will inspire you to draw this for them:
I drew this for Jon before leaving... I wanted to draw something for everyone I got close to... AND I STILL MAY DO SO. Or I'm gonna try.
I miss all the comics talk and the make'emups and the general support and love and creative atmosphere and the drink&draws and EVERYTHING. Gosh. Very looking forward to going back and visiting! <3

So, after leaving and crying about it on Saturday, my traveling companion and I made our way to MA to see my best friend, and spent a few days with her. After that, we came back to NH to spend a few days here- and we went to the POLAR CAVES- which was awesome :D And beautiful.
AND NOW.... I am back home til Saturday morning- which is when I move O_O to a place I have never lived in before. WOO! Exciting and scary, all rolled into one. Even though I have already attended college for two years, I feel like mr. freshman N00by McN00berson. Yikes. Hoping for an easy transition.
Despite being overwhelmed by packing, I tried to do some art today- and began thumb nailing a comic that was inspired by ultrasadgoodbyetime. PROOF!
very rough beginnings. Note the bloodshot/tired eyes
Sorry for the lack of regular update, that WILL be back to normal when I am settled in. 
Also there will be less life updateyness and MORE ART! :D yay!
Thanks for stopping in- here's a piece to tide you over til next time <3
'escape' watercolor pencil & ink w. nib

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Stephanie said...

I love that picture of JONCH on a flying pizza! Also, don't worry... I cried too before I left WRJ. Miss you Audrey! p.s.-- the blog looks great.

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