Thursday, December 22, 2011

SCHOOL WORK!! (etc) Part III: nearing the end

My three page assignment for digital coloring and lettering was to color pages from the comic Mask War (art by Doug Mahnke? I think? :x It's not by me. I know that.)

I ended up redoing these, so what you're seeing is the FINAL product- which I am a lot happier with. Im glad I made changes!
I really really wanted to be able to show my three page original comic- HOWEVER, I still can't figure out how to post a PDF on this blog. And if I can't, how to extract the files from PDF to just have them on their own.
So, instead, Ive been drawing a lot over the break and I'll show you a few doodles <3

sorry it's crappy photo quality. I will do a giant sketchbook post when I have access to a scanner again! That'll be at school. IN LIKE, 2 WEEKS! SWEET!!! <3
Thanks for stopping in :D

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Who? said...

:O I've been watching your videos but this is my first time in your blog(didnt knew u had one --") and the colors :O r amazing! Nice job ^^

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