Wednesday, November 23, 2011

of CCS and having Cpt. Stiletto as a sidekick!

My last post was TWO WEEKS AGO??? Slackerific! :( Augh, not a fan.
 The good news is, I am back at my oooooolllld (notsomuch) roots! <3 Only days after my arrival back home, I trudged up to The lovely CCS!
pics or it didn't happen? HERE I AM!

AND it is my goal today to get all of my school work onto a flashdrive and ready to upload on to this blog. I haven't done any real creative work since finals has been over (a side effect) but here are some doodles to try and make up for it!
FIRST, my favorite. Sometimes I like to pretend that Eddie Izzard is my sidekick in an awesome superhero team. So I drew it.

Mr.FancyLad and Capt. Stiletto! Pen and ink
 Such is my reality <3
Also, I did these pages of doodles.

Gonna make a school work post happen this week and waaaaay more updates than I have been doing!!!
Thanks for stopping in <3 <3 <3

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Morgan said...

OMG i love your drawings! you r a wonderful artist! keep doin this cause u r awesome! :D
love u ^-^

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