Saturday, October 22, 2011


Bad news: "Another Saturday night cause I ain't got nobody"
(which I suppose is just as well because I really don't have any money...)
Better news: I was really productive! YES!

I spent most of my day resting up from midterms, but that included editing and posting THIS VIDEO, making this (and sticking it on my bedroom door):

I took break for a little while, but wouldn't you know it- I did some work after! :D I'm really excited about the 3 page comic I'm doing for Nolan's class. Looking forward to getting more done on it tomorrow. When it's done, I'll post it up here. But it's not due for another month. I might make a cover too... so far, I've just got these panels:
Yay! And if they look messy, it's because they're supposed to. I need to make them a bit more exaggerated but first I wanted to make sure they all fit in the space, so I'll just go over it in brush pen again. I was also considering putting some ink splatter on there to give it a more imperfect, homemade look, but didn't know how to make it look unintentional. And then, some inky water spilled a bit and got on my new panels. Well, they're unintentional alright! ;) perfect timing, ink gods. Thank you.
I can definitely work with them. Hopefully the mild mess will come across as more personal. We'll see how it goes! But, worse comes to worse, I redraw them. 
Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I don't have access to a scanner at the moment, and then after the first picture my camera died. So I was left with the webcam. I just just really pumped up about the work I did, so I wanted to share asap! 
the satisfied artist
Til next time :) Thanks for stopping in! <3



freakerz02 said...

I kind of feel like a creeper for leaving a message on here. But I'd like to say that I was feeling like crap due to some school related stuff and other issues going on in my life. The thing is after I saw you smile on youtube,[I know this sounds really really lame] but I'm a serious sucker for smmiles. Well the thing is that it really made me feel better. So thank you and then I watched this other video and your latest entries = FUN.
This is getting long, anyway thank you and hope you don't get sick again lol.

Joan Page said...

OG gosh hey! Do you have a DA? I do! Check it out:

Can you tell me more about SCAD? it is one of the schools I am interested in besides PNCA ( a college in Oregon) . Right now I am just starting UTT's art program. i would still prefer to go to an art school because they are more specialized in certain specific fields of art rather than being as general as the university program.

Anyway, I am just interested in talking to another artist m especially someone who can give me some info on SCAD.

Also panels seem very difficult to do. I don't think comic books would be my thing..but I am not closed off to the idea od trying it to see how I like it.

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