Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This feels like the first page in a new sketchbook

Well hello! Welcome to my brand new blog! I'm Audrey,  Thanks for stopping in :)

Artists may understand best what I mean when I refer to this feeling like the FIRST page in a NEW sketchbook. The excitement to start another chapter in your work, the anxiety that the first drawing will set the tone for the rest of the sketchbook, wondering about what kind of things you will create in an unexplored land expansive, plentiful paper hillsides, and unexpected storms of pencil and ink and sometimes even watercolor. In this place, it snows eraser shavings.

...as you can see I take this matter very seriously and sometimes it leads to me leaving the first page blank forever.

But no more!
I'm diving in, head first. Let's do this.

Right now I do most of my work in my sketchbook, so I will be posting primarily from there. However! I am starting a more long term project, and I have just started planning and the thumbnailing is about to begin- so I may post progress on that as well, particularly when I've really gotten into it and have some pages to show. WOO!
Gonna start things off with a comic- because I love comics. SO MUCH. I even have tshirts about how much I love them (oh the dedication) AND, I'm a comic artist, dang it!
Based on a true story. Definitely a monologue comic, but when the idea to make this a comic came to me, I had to get it out RIGHT AWAY. And thus, this was born. I'd like to redraw it on nice paper and ink and color it. Maybe that will be my next project.
Aaaaand because its the first post, I will leave you with another art.
Thanks for reading, I plan on posting again tomorrow! :D
Peace and Love~
(I have dreams of looking just like this XD)

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