Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life in color and productivity

Ooooo~ it's in color~~
Welcome back!
This piece was started back in the winter when I was taking some classes and we had to do a still life- and the mannequin featured here really stood out to me and gave me the idea for this. Just recently I finished drawing it and inking and coloring it. With watercolor pencil and marker. I'm still finding my way around coloring, but practice makes perfect so I'ma keep trying it out!

It's been a very mixed week. Work has been going well, it's everything else that seems to be causing any real anxiety. Some of this anxiety was relieved today when I asked Jon about how he does his thumbnailing- cause I know it needs to be done, I've just never gotten a method figured out.  It makes a lot of sense, now. So I can finally start thumbnailing THE BIG LONG TERM PROJECT (ooooOOOOOooooo) I think I will start that tomorrow if I have time in between going to the doctor and seeing my family for a little bit!

Today I started a short comic that I plan on finishing before the night is over! AND I even made and edited my LGBTv video today O_O Yay productivity! I'm diggin' it.
Time to go finish that comic :)
Thanks for reading! Here's a sketchbook piece:

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