Monday, February 27, 2012

I MUSTACHE you a question, which way to the PLAYGROUND?

Here's my latest complete work that has been contributing to my lack of updating!:

First, we had to make a peripheral project in my mini comics class. Meaning, we had to make a product that tied in to our style and that we could sell at conventions, etc.
I made a "fancy lad kit": complete with mustache on a stick and an attached monocle.
a classmate (kept anonymous by the smudge tool) models my product
I also completed the mini that I mentioned in my last post!

Rather than printing problems this time, I had the misfortune of getting acquainted with a bad piece of equipment that ended up cutting some things crookedly. BUT! As always, I learned a lot and had a lot of fun making these.
I'm really pleased with how the interiors turned out. Check out these awesomely genderfluid pinups!

Eventually, I'd love to make these pinups into prints and color them. I had so much fun coming up with these!! :D I'm undecided as to I really am into the captions...but for this assignment in particular they worked well.
School will be wrapping up in TWO WEEKS O_O Holy. Moly. Where does the time go...?
Thanks for stopping by! <3

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Unknown said...

Love these! Especially the "mirror mirror" one. I would hang that on my wall!

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