Thursday, April 5, 2012

still alive

I'm still arting! I promise!
I've been posting my more doodle-y stuff on my new comics related tumblr and trying to save this space for bigger projects and more sequential type work... I might stop doing that because then I'm never sure what's "blog appropriate" or not, and now it just looks like I'm not producing!
And that's just not true. I promise.
I submitted to the drawn out anthology (which I am very excited about!!!) on the 28th and can't wait to see who gets in :D
I submitted the summary and my character designs
Looking forward to April 30th when we all find out!

I might be staying in GA this summer if I get a job, and I've been looking around for internships for the summer.
If I do stay around here, I'm looking forward to getting a lot of art done and hopefully having an internship and a job (as well as taking an extra class! :D )
But also, it would promise to be a big huge gay summer. With this crew:

If this gets to happen, I will DEFINITELY be doing a web comic about it, have no doubt.
Tonight or tomorrow, I will be posting up the pages of the MR. FANCY LAD comic that I did in minicomics last quarter! It's a three piece set! WOOO!

Did I mention I'm tabling at Fluke?? I'm so exited! It'll be my first time attending a convention- so watch out!
More to come very soon.
Thanks for stopping by!

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