Monday, February 20, 2012

Teenage mini comics

Somehow, there are only about three weeks left in the quarter. Time flies!
Since I havent shared this yet, my first mini comic in my minicomics class was designed to be part of an anthology- around the theme "teenagers"
Here are my original pages (prior to being cleaned up in photoshop, with the exception of adjusting levels)

After this, I of course had to set it up in photoshop and print it.  The set up looked like this, and photoshop ate some of my pixels. Sigh.

 Definitely a learning experience- and loving every minute of it! (Aside from the printing/pixel problems)
Next time, Gonna be showing my character designs and some other school work!
Thanks for stopping by <3

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johdie said...

Brilliant concept and very cleverly delivered! Thanks oh-gee!!

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