Monday, June 18, 2012

End of braincation and finals work!

This doodle has been very relevant, and I've been having a hard time producing new stuff what with finals ending and moving to a place in Atlanta and trying to find a summer job...which so far has been fruitless. Trying to keep my hopes up about it though!
Here are a couple of things from the end of the spring quarter at school.
Spiderman page final

black and white figure resubmission
My favorite final by far, however, has definitely been my latest original comic!

I am VERY happy with this project and how it turned out and have been thinking about selling the PDF version online since it includes the cover and all of the interior stuff. I can sell the hard copy on etsy for a little more, as well as at conventions.
Speaking of conventions- Im hoping I can make it to Heroes con this weekend. O_O
Thanks for reading!! <3 

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